Windows of St. Marks

In the early 1980’s Laura Tyler, a local artist, created the stained glass windows. Fr. Carl Andrews the Vicar at the time said “The theme colors were chosen to represent predominant colors of of life in Craig. In addition, traditionally, blue is a symbol of Mary, brown for Joseph and gold for God”

Laura titled the windows “Omnipresense”. In progression, the top of each window is the story of the six days of creation as written in the book of Genesis Chapter One. The bottom half of each window tells a pivotal point in the life of Christ.

The Nativity

In Memory of: Dick Barker & Bob Terrill

The Baptism

In Memory of: Devon Wayne Maxson & Jesse T. Wilkens

The Last Supper

In Memory of: Kelly Jo Seip

The Crucifixion

In Memory of: Betty Bowen

The Resurrection

In Memory of: Winnie & Edgar Merriman, Mary & W. F. Witte, William Barnett

The walk to Emmaus

In Memory of: Ethan Robert Olds

Alter Cross

In Memory of: Dorthy Witte, April 1998